VISION: Framing 2025


ReFrame is devoted to empowering and bringing collective voice to home repair organizations. It is 2025 and ReFrame is a thriving nationwide alliance of nonprofits devoted to eliminating substandard housing by repairing homes to safe and healthy standards for low-income people. Member organizations are well equipped to lead this effort, receiving training in affordable housing, leadership development, home repair, and best practices established by ReFrame. Members come from every corner of the United States and beyond, and are effectively communicating the need of home repair for low-income people. Through this growth, ReFrame remains focused on empowering organizations large and small to serve one person at a time by engaging volunteers, staff, and licensed professionals to improve homes and life for low-income people.

Thousands of low-income people who were once living in unsafe, dilapidated homes now live in homes that are warm, safe, dry, and beautiful. Homeowners who once had a sense of despair, fear, and hopelessness now have pride in their homes and feel hopeful because they have been treated with dignity and respect by those who repaired their homes. Tens of thousands of volunteers have become humble learners with new perspectives on what it means to serve the poor. Hundreds of low-income communities have been empowered with the resources to better understand how they can be a part of improving their quality of life. This is all the result of over a hundred organizations who have formed partnerships and collaborated for maximum impact.

ReFrame is reframing the state of substandard housing, making homes in disrepair a problem of the past.

Qualities of ReFrame

In 2025, ReFrame will be known for these things:

  • Being a premier source of training for leaders in home repair and home rehabilitation,
  • Establishing a set of best practices for home repair nonprofit organizations to benchmark their performance,
  • Being the collective voice of home repair nonprofits,
  • Demonstrating the economic impact of the collective and its importance in the economy, and
  • Providing substantial value to member organizations in order to empower their own individual missions.

Training & Renewing Leaders

ReFrame will host industry-leading training programs designed to develop leaders and emerging leaders within the sector. These trainings will empower home repair organizations to operate efficiently and with passion, and will rejuvenate employees, renewing their commitment to the cause.

Establishing Best Practices

Establishing best practices for how home repair organizations operate most effectively will give guidance and direction, leading to highly engaged nonprofits making great strides toward eliminating substandard housing. These best practices will provide a measurable benchmark for organizations to self-evaluate, and provide a framework for training organized by ReFrame.

Bringing Collective Voice

Eliminating substandard housing requires a holistic approach. Active participation from a geographically diverse membership will lead to a stronger voice, innovative ideas and concepts shared among member organizations, and more accurate measurement of our collective mission to end substandard housing. ReFrame will partner with other housing-related networks to increase the profile of substandard housing.

Building Communities

Improving the state of homes in disrepair is not simply a good cause. It is vital to each community’s economic strength and the economy of every corner of the country. ReFrame acknowledges that partnership with other nonprofit organizations and community stakeholders are vital to holistic community development. Additionally, ReFrame will measure and report the economic impact of our collective in order to establish a more solid foundation for why eliminating substandard housing is a natural and critical investment in our nation’s future.

Providing Membership Value

ReFrame will consistently and continually provide positive return on investment from membership. The impact on our member organizations will be strongly felt and exhibited by high effectiveness, long-term growth, and more homes repaired each year.