Compensation Report

Our third compensation survey was conducted between September 2019 and January 2020; the report was published in October. The 7-page report includes salary information for 14 different job titles (ranges of salaries, averages, and medians). It DOES NOT include details about adjustments, benefits, benefit time, or temporary staff; see the 2017 report for this information. Thank you to the 40 organizations in 21 states that participated in the survey between September 2019 and January 2020 (the report is complementary for them).

The 2017 report includes the information listed above as well as details about compensation adjustments (cost of living adjustments, merit based raises, raises based on years of service, bonuses, etc.), benefits (medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, retirement plans, disability insurance, life insurance, etc.), benefit time (vacation, holidays, sick time, personal days, comp time, etc.), and temporary staff (job titles, pay, benefits, etc.). There's also an appendix that compares responses from the 20 organizations that participated in our compensation survey both times. Thank you to the 32 organizations in 18 states that participated in the survey (this report is complementary for them).

Proceed to our online store to purchase the 2020 report and/or 2017 report. The cost is $15 for association members for the 2020 report (the 2017 report is free) and $35 for non-members for the 2020 report and $20 for the 2017 report. PDFs are available for download immediately after you pay. You may share the report with your staff and board. The information is only for internal use in your organization and may not be shared with other nonprofits.